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Elizabeth Wright
219 STANHOPE ROAD, 6076, WA, 6076
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Elizabeth Wright – Visual Artist and Advocate for Sustainable Living

Elizabeth Wright is an emerging visual artist based in the picturesque hills of Perth, where she combines her passion for creativity with a commitment to sustainability. Elizabeth specializes in using found and freely sourced materials to create unique and environmentally conscious spaces and collections. Her work highlights the beauty and potential of repurposed materials, promoting a sustainable lifestyle through art.

In addition to her artistic practice, Elizabeth has developed a feasibility study and initiative focused on creating $1000 homes. These tiny home prototypes are designed to be affordable and eco-friendly, offering practical solutions to the growing housing crisis. Through her initiative, Elizabeth aims to demonstrate the viability of sustainable, low-cost housing and inspire others to explore similar innovative approaches.

Elizabeth’s contributions are a testament to the power of sustainable practices in both art and living. As she continues to establish herself in the field, she is eager to collaborate with the Kalamunda and surrounding suburbs community, the city council and chamber of commerce to further initiatives that support sustainable living and innovative housing solutions. Her work not only enriches the cultural fabric of Perth but also offers practical models for addressing contemporary challenges.