Outstanding Enterprise Awards

Independent Judges Code of Conduct

There are four independent judges who have been asked by the Chamber of Commerce to participate in judging the Awards. The Judges do not receive any reward or remuneration for their time spent carrying out their duties, apart from an invitation for them and their partner to attend the award ceremony as guests of the Chamber. To ensure that the Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Enterprise Awards remains fair and impartial, the Awards Judges are asked to agree to this code of conduct:


Judges must be impartial and unbiased in their judging. They must not allow any personal or professional biases to influence their decisions.


Judges must keep all confidential information about the competition confidential. This includes information about the individuals or entities that are participating, the judging criteria, and the results of the competition. Judges will not disclose any confidential information or details about the evaluation process to any unauthorised person, including other participants, without proper authorisation by the Executive Committee of The Kalamunda Chamber of Commerce.

Confidential information includes but is not limited to:

  • All information and materials provided by participants.
  • Any correspondence or communication between the Judges and participants and the Chamber of Commerce.

Gifts & Incentives

Judges must not accept any gifts or incentives from any of the individuals or entities (or their related parties) that are participating in the competition. This could be seen as a conflict of interest and could influence their judging decisions.


Judges will use their best endeavours to complete their judging duties in a timely manner. They should not delay the competition process by failing to submit their judging forms or by not participating in judging meetings

Conflict of interest

Judges must report any conflicts of interest to the Kalamunda Chamber of Commerce immediately. A conflict of interest occurs when a judge has a personal or professional relationship with one of the individuals or entities that are participating in the Outstanding Enterprise Awards.