Bickley Harvest Festival Saturday 6 May-Sunday 7 May 2023

Venue Registration

The 2023 Participant’s Information Guide contains pricing and content details of the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages. You can download a copy of the Guide here:

Please complete your online registration and pay the venue fees via the form below by 7 January 2023

PRIOR TO 31 JANUARY 2023 you will need to submit your required wording for your entries on the BHF website and for the printed Festival Map.

Your wording can be entered via this website by clicking on the button below – the more information you give us, the easier it for us to promote you.

If you have not been a participating venue in prior years your registration and participation will be subject to review by the Festival Committee to ensure that you comply with the Festival guidelines relating to geographical location and local products.

If you have any questions you can contact Nicole Airay on 0416 152 997 or at

2023 Bickley Harvest Festival Venue Registration

Venue Participation in Bickley Harvest Festival is open to any venue that has participated in prior years and continues to meet the criteria for inclusion.

For new Venues to be considered they must be located within the Bickley Carmel Valley geographic area and be involved in the growing, harvesting or production of products within the Festival boundaries.

If in doubt about your eligibiltiy please call Nicole on 0416 152 997 or email her to discuss your registration.
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