Under the Chamber rules, at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), all current Management Committee members vacate their positions and any Chamber member can nominate themselves to join the Management Committee and we invite you now to do so.

The Chamber is committed to building a vibrant community of enterprises throughout the City of Kalamunda. We are not just about business. We understand how local businesses, employment opportunities, families, schools and community groups coalesce to form our neighbourhoods and suburbs and shape our local society.

We appreciate that many members are time poor and whilst there are those that can help with setting up markets or with organising functions, others may not be able to do those things but can offer experience, wise counsel and advice which is just as valuable to the functioning of the Committee.

In 2024 the Committee will meet between 6 and 8 times. Usually we meet in person but sometimes, for convenience, via Zoom. Meetings generally last around 2 hours

The Chamber’s contribution is modest – we have one part time manager and a full time market manager and assistant, but we are growing. The Committee members who assist in the success of our programs all do so on a voluntary basis contributing what time they have within their already busy schedules. There is a lot more that we could be doing with additional people on the Committee. 

Volunteering to become a Committee member at the Kalamunda Chamber of Commerce can provide:

  • Community Involvement.
  • Networking Opportunities: which contribute towards partnerships, and new business opportunities.
  • Skill Development: particularly around communication, problem-solving, project management, and teamwork. 
  • Advocacy and Representation: As a committee member, you can advocate for the interests of local businesses, ensuring their concerns are heard and addressed by all levels of government
  • Contribution to Economic Growth: Our chamber is still relatively small but can play a vital role in promoting economic growth in the region. By volunteering, you can be involved in driving  initiatives that stimulate economic development, job creation, and a thriving local business ecosystem.
  • Mentorship and Learning: Committee membership often involves working alongside people with many different life and entrepreneurial experiences. You may find you have a lot to offer young people starting out on their entrepreneurial journeys and you may also learn from other’s expertise that can be invaluable to your own growth and development.

The Chamber is a vibrant, progressive community organisation and being a Committee member can be a rewarding experience. If you would like to participate in the running of the Chamber please nominate yourself, download and complete the form linked below and return it to the Chamber by Wednesday 15 November 2023. Nomination forms can be mailed to PO Box 417, Kalamunda, WA, 6076, brought in to the Chamber offices during our normal opening hours or you can email the form to

If you are unable to easily arrange for a member to countersign your nomination just leave that section blank and we will organise that on your behalf.

There are 10 positions available on the Committee and nominees are voted in by Chamber members at the AGM. Included in these 10 positions are 4 office holders (Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer). If you are nominating for the Committee, you can also nominate yourself to be an office bearer. 

The 2023 AGM is being held at Rothwood on Wednesday 13 December and you will soon receive your invitation to attend.

Composition of the Committee

The Chamber is governed by a Committee of up to 10 people. Management of the organisation is delegated to its Manager.

Role of the Committee

The Committee sees itself as having four roles:

1. Appointment and management of the Manager

2. Develop and monitor the implementation of strategic objectives for the organisation.

3. Monitor the financial health and legal compliance of the organisation.

4. Make itself available both as a Committee and as individuals to the Manager for advice.

A role on the Committee is a governance role and the Committee delegates the general operations and implementation of its strategic objectives to the Manager and monitors the progress in achieving the outcomes from the implementation of its strategic objectives. Each Committee member will also be assigned to a sub-committee based on their interests and areas of expertise.


Members of the Committee are appointed to join one of the following sub-committees:

  1. Membership, Communications, Workshops & Networking
  2. Markets, Youth & Diversity
  3. Major Tourism & Flagship Events
  4. Governance, Financials & Risk
  5. Business Advocacy & Local Government Relations

The sub-committees meet as and when required, with a minimum of three meetings per year. A Committee member can be part of more than one sub-committee.

Committee members should also have the personal qualities needed by all committees, namely:

1. A willingness to commit to the time needed for attention to matters before the Committee.

2. A preparedness to put the interest of the organisation ahead of local and personal interests.

3. A commitment to follow the policies of the Committee and support the general strategic direction of the Committee; and

4. Sound judgement and wise counsel.

Chamber Activities

In 2023 we have run seminars and workshops, had many networking events, advocated on behalf of members, completed a successful young entrepreneurs program, continued to run the Kalamunda Farmers Market, Kalamunda Night Market and Forrestfield Night Market with a number of “special event” markets including the Truffle Fest and Christmas Market. In 2024 we are adding a major Harmony Week event to the calendar in partnership with the Zig Zag Community Arts Group. We also organise the Outstanding Enterprise Awards and coordinate the running of the annual Bickley Harvest Festival, which will be in its 25th year in 2024.

Download and Complete the Nomination Form