Explore The Award Categories

Whatever activity you are involved in, you’ll find an award category that fits. You can nominate yourself, your business or entity, or any other person or entity for a specific award or for multiple awards.

The categories have been chosen to offer different measures of excellence. From artists to plumbers, health professionals to winemakers, the awards are as diverse as the activities within the City of Kalamunda

Excellence In Tourism, Hospitality & Events

This award celebrates an enterprise that significantly enhances local hospitality, tourism, events by delivering unique and memorable experiences to both locals and visitors. Eligible businesses include  restaurants, bars, cafes accommodation, information/visitor centres, tour operators, tourist attractions, events venues etc.

Excellence In Retail

This award recognises those organisations that offer customers a superior shopping experience, maintain a high level of physical or online store presentation and have a record of excellent customer service.

Outstanding Not-For-Profit

This award honors a local not-for-profit organization that places a positive social impact at the heart of its mission to enhance the community. Recognising their dedication to operational excellence and their innovative approaches to addressing local needs.

Outstanding Personal Services

This award honors a business that excels in delivering exceptional personal services, enhancing the well-being and satisfaction of its clients. Recognising entities that stand out in the areas of personal care, fitness, training, beauty and similar services.

Outstanding Professional Services

This category celebrates the vital organisations that deliver outstanding services within our community. Open to a broad range of service providers, including those in health, finance, property, legal, engineering, planning, surveying and educationd.

Outstanding Trade Specialist

This award
recognises trade businesses that require on the job or tertiary level training. organisations that require on the job or tertiary level training. This includes carpenters, car or bicycle mechanics, electricians, landscapers, plumbers and builders.

Outstanding General Industrial, Freight or Logistics Enterprise

This award celebrates entities involved in general industrial activities including manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, and freight and logistics services.

Mayor’s Award For Community Activation

This award recognises a person or an entity which has excelled in community activation. This could be markets, festivals, sporting events, exhibitions etc. It could be a one-off event or an ongoing program which helps build relationships and trust, addresses local needs and mobilises the community.

Vision & Strategy Award

This Award celebrates an enterprise that exemplifies exceptional foresight, clarity of vision, and strategic acumen. This award is a testament to businesses that not only dream big but also meticulously plan and execute their ambitions with precision and creativity.

Outstanding Creative Enterprise

The primary focus of this award is to acknowledge and celebrate individuals or entities dedicated to a
creative enterprise in our local community. This includes, writers, artists, artisans,
photographers, musicians, performers, exhibitors etc.

Outstanding Local Product

This award focuses on our local producers and manufacturers and celebrates
their efforts to create and market a product in our unique hills environment. This
award recognises locally made products that offer a point of difference from
their competitors. This includes but is not limited to: home & garden, beauty
wellness, fashion & lifestyle, horticulture, food & beverage etc.

Business Person of the Year Award

This award is given to an individual who has had a positive impact on the local community and has displayed continued community engagement, success and enterprise over the year.

People’s Choice Award

Your favourite entity operating in the City of Kalamunda. Nominees are selected by our sponsors and are subject to a popular vote. The winner will be the enterprise attracting the greatest number of votes. Anyone living in the City of Kalamunda is eligible to vote.

Business Station Emerging Enterprise of the Year

This award is given to a newer, nominated enterprise that is considered to have outstanding future potential. The award winner is selected by Business Station from all nominees in all categories

Chairperson’s Enterprise of the Year

This award is given to an entity that may not fit into one of the other categories but has made an outstanding contribution to economic and/or social development in Kalamunda. Nominees and the winner of the award are selected by the Executive Committee