Two years on…

It’s almost two years to the day that a state of emergency was declared in Western Australia. Who could have predicted how the pandemic would progress and what effect it would have on our family, personal and business lives?

We’ve experienced supply shortages, disruption to every normal routine, some fear, anger, misinformation, business hardship as well as physical and mental health challenges.

But we are a resilient bunch and there has been a creative focus on thriving and surviving. This has brought out the best in local business.

In the early stages of the pandemic there were substantial government cash outlays which
helped keep many businesses afloat. Now, in the absence of ongoing handouts, and with
continuing uncertainty, there may be permanent changes in spending behaviours. The next
period in our transition to the “new normal” may bring new challenges to local business and
the Chamber wants to provide programs and activities which are complementary to local
business needs.

The KCC is a small aggregation of member businesses run by a group of volunteer local
business owners. We are passionate about our local community and the welfare of business
owners and their families. We have limited resources and we want to ensure that those
resources are put to the best possible use in serving the local business community.
Please help us to serve you better by completing our brief 10 minute confidential business

We would like to see this survey repeated periodically so that we can plot trends in business confidence within the City of Kalamunda. This would drive our programs to be more in line with business needs and in some small way might be an additional resource for investment by business and governments at all levels. We can only do that if you, are members are willing to engage.

You can complete the confidential survey by clicking on the button below.

As an incentive to participate in the survey we’re offering a $50 Kala Cash Card to one lucky entrant . In order to go into the prize draw please add your email address at the end of the survey. Entering the draw is entirely optional.

Jon Elbery

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