…but there are no losers.

Even if you spend some time entering the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards and don’t win, we think your business will benefit from the nomination process.

The independent judges are looking for evidence of how you plan for success and how you measure that success in a variety of areas across your business.

So whilst the pictures of your premises are amazing – and they might want to see those too – the judges will probably be more interested in assessing how you set and achieve your goals and how you manage matters like customer complaints.

There are internal and external benefits from participating in the Awards so let’s have a look at a few:

Internal Benefits
  • You will put some time aside to focus on and re-appraise your business goals and objectives and see how you’ve gone meeting those goals. Are the goals you set some time ago still relevant? Have you even written down your goals – well maybe now’s the time.
  • Are there some parts of your day to day operations that suck the joy out of your life? Some reflection on these may prompt you to look for creative solutions to handling the “stuff” that tends to gravitate to the bottom of the filing tray
  • Think about your employees. How will they feel if you win or are a finalist? Involving them in your nomination can be motivational for them. And whilst you’re nominating your business, what about nominating someone in your organisation for “employee of the year?”
External Benefits
  • Trust and credibility – potential customers have a wide range of choice so they are looking for a business they can trust to deliver products and services with integrity. The fact that your business has been assessed by independent professional judges contributes to that sense of trust and credibility in your business
  • Winning an award is a great independent professional endorsement alongside your customer reviews.
  • The award raises the visibility of your business through social media and other publicity opportunities.
  • You and your staff will have a ball attending the 2021 Gala Awards Dinner at Hartfield Golf Club on Saturday 20 November!

Full details of the Award categories and the nomination processes are set out HERE

When you’re ready, click on the button below and start your nomination. The process is fully online and you can pause and re-commence at any time. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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